Kayden Pergola

Create the perfect outdoor room with Shelta’s new Kayden Pergola. Available in 3×3m and 4×3m sizes, the Kayden is the must have item for this summer. Powder coated in Charcoal or White, the corrosion resistant aluminium frames are sturdy and feature easy to use crank handles to open and close the roof louvres. Enjoy night-time ambience with the addition of optional LED lighting. To keep out surrounding reflected light – or prying eyes! – privacy screens are available as an easy add-on to your Kayden pergola.

Key Features

  • Sizes: Kayden Pergola is available in two sizes:
    3×3 Metres Square x 2.4 Metres High and, 4×3 Metres (Rectangular) x 2.4 Metres High
  • Frame construction is from corrosion resistant, lightweight, durable, powder coated aluminium.
  • Frame colours available in either White, or Charcoal finish.
  • Adjustable roof louvres with easy-to-adjust, hand-operated winders.
  • Easy to assemble and install.
  • Optional LED RGB low voltage lighting system.

Optional privacy screens available in two colours (Light Grey and Charcoal) and two sizes:
3 metres wide and 4 metres wide.


W 300cm (SQ.)

W 300cm / D 400cm (RECT.)

Fabric Options

Frame Options

outdoor furniture


  • Frame powder coating, Acacia & Plastic Furniture
  • Olefin / Spun Poly / Textmesh Sling Fabrics
  • Rugs & Olefin Rope


  • Cerastone Table & Ceramic Table Tops
  • Teak Chair Trim & Table Tops
  • Acrylic Cushion Fabrics


  • All Aluminium Frames – Structural
  • All Synthetic Wickers

Creating a shady space for your outdoor entertainment area or backyard used to mean finding a builder or going the way of DIY, and that meant spending endless weekends searching, planning, and purchasing materials, only to spend many more weekends cutting, hammering, and painting.

With so many flat pack options available for home furniture these days, there should be such a thing when it comes to pergolas, right? Enter Kayden Pergola from Shelta Australia, the flat pack, ready to assemble & install pergola system that makes it easy to transform part of your outdoor space into a shady, private retreat.

Kayden Pergola is available in two sizes: 3m Square and 4m x 3m Rectangular. Both models are 2.4m high, offering generous headroom and space for outdoor furniture. Kayden is constructed from strong, lightweight aluminium and coated in a durable powder coat finish. There’s two frame colour options: White or Charcoal Grey.

Kayden is designed to be assembled – just like a flat pack furniture kit – and then mounted to either a concrete slab, dedicated concrete footings or a timber deck (if it’s suitable). Because it’s made from lightweight aluminium, it’s easy to handle during assembly and installation. Shelta recommends assembly and installation is best done by at least two people.

With its clean, simple aesthetic, Kayden Pergola will look great wherever it’s installed and is designed to complement just about any architectural setting.

Featuring a variable roof top louvre system, Kayden Pergola lets you decide how much light to enter from above. The easy-to-use hand winders allow adjustment for each of the two louvre bays. This is also great for warmer days as you can adjust the louvres to allow air to flow through the roof of the pergola. 


Privacy/Glare Screens Option

Kayden Pergola has optional Privacy/Glare Screens available to enhance the appeal of your pergola space. The privacy screens can be adjusted up or down to reduce glare or provide a private space. 

The privacy screens are available in two sizes to suit 3 Metres Wide and 4 Metres wide. (to match the widths of the pergola frame). The screens are available individually so you can fit to one or all sides of the pergola as desired. 

Privacy screens are available in two colours: Light Grey and Charcoal – and are made from durable Texteline, to reduce glare, provide privacy and allow air to pass through the material. The screens can be easily lowered or raised, using the built-in pulley system.

Texteline is a type of mesh fabric woven from polyester with a PVC coating. This combination of materials results in a fabric that is incredibly durable, resistant to fading, and easy to clean. It’s also resistant to mildew and other elements, making it an excellent choice for outdoor shade screens.

Kayden privacy screens can be purchased and installed at any time after the pergola has been assembled and installed.


Optional LED RGB Low Voltage Lighting Kits

Add a touch of practical flare and night-time ambience to your pergola with the optional Kayden low voltage LED lighting system. Kits are available for either pergola size. The lighting system is designed to work seamlessly with the pergola frame and offers the opportunity to illuminate the space immediately underneath the pergola. 

The lighting system features a remote control, which offers a selection of seven pre-set RGB colours, including white. The remote also gives you control over brightness and colour intensity; allowing you to set the mood for a pleasant evening outside, or you can amp up the colour – great for parties and entertaining with friends. 

Just a note about the lighting system. The lighting system is designed to be installed, during assembly and installation of the pergola – not afterwards. To run the lighting system, you’ll need an external grade mains power outlet nearby, or you can get your electrician to install an approved external power outlet to run the lighting system as well as providing power for other appliances – if so desired. Remember, a licensed electrical contractor must undertake any electrical work.

Installation Notes

Assembly and installation of the Kayden Pergola is within the scope of most competent home handy-people or renovators. With some careful planning and thought, it’s possible to make this a weekend project. For those of you less inclined, there’s many options available to find a local tradie to take care of it for you – just make sure they’re licensed and competent to do the work.

Kayden pergola can be installed almost anywhere in backyard. It’s designed to be fixed to either a concrete slab or dedicated concrete footings. In some cases, it can be installed on a timber deck, but you will need to consult with an expert prior to using this option as some decks may not be suitable. 

Prior to purchasing or installing any type of pergola structure, we recommend checking your local council requirements regarding pergolas and approvals. In many cases, you can install a freestanding pergola as complying development (as long as it meets your council’s requirements) which means you can fast-track your outdoor retreat for the coming summer.

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