Shelta Australia

Outdoor Umbrella & Furniture

Welcome to Shelta’s 2017 / 18 Outdoor Furniture and Shade Catalogue. We are excited about this year’s range which includes many new, innovative, contemporary styled items , designed to complement and enhance your outdoor living space.

New Releases for Season 2017-2018

There are many new items for the 2107-18 season, including new wicker settings, chairs, tables, acrylic cushion settings and bench settings; just to mention a few.

Shelta’s newly introduced outdoor rugs from Belgium are extremely functional and are a decorative addition to any space.

Grange Table setting with Heron Chairs

Shelta’s wide Shade range is even wider for 2017 with some exciting new shade products being added to our already extensive lineup. Of particular note is our new range of beautiful LED light umbrellas to brighten up those summer evenings and a new Wall Mount umbrella which is perfect for balconies or confined spaces. The new Lotus umbrella is a unique addition that looks great, even when folded up.


So, whether furniture or shade, Shelta products continue to be designed and manufactured to enhance outdoor living and in doing so help make entertaining a pleasure. Shelta products are made to be lived with and enjoyed day by day, to be comfortable, long lasting and durable.

Osasco Bench Setting with Savannah Shade Umbrella