PANDANUS Cantilever
Lynden Regis

Pandanus Cantilever Umbrella

Pandanus 330 Octagonal

Pandanus features 65mm round mast and a rotate knob on the runner for infinite tilt angle lock. Like all Shelta cantilevers it features 360° rotate to give shade where needed and a bracket for LED umbrella light on the lower hub.

Covered in durable Olefin fabrics, it also includes a polyester Protective Cover.

PANDANUS Cantilever

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Pandanus 330
Shape icon-shape
Area (square metre) 8m2
Mast 65mm
Frame Graphite Powdercoated
Opening Winder System
Tilt Variable to 25º
Open Diameter 323cm
Mast Height  260cm
Under Edge Clearance  207cm* / 200cm
*With Small Resin Base



  • Swatch - Black Black
  • Swatch - Charcoal Charcoal
  • Swatch - Sandstone Sandstone
  • Swatch - Taupe Taupe
  • Swatch - Toffee Toffee


Can be mounted using any one of the following options:

On Ground Base Plate or Ballast Block Frame – (both included) Six ballast blocks needed, recommended total weight 110kg.

Ballast Weights – optional purchase. Either Resinstone (16kg) or Concrete (25kg).
Concrete Ballast Weight (25kg)
Small 4pc Resin Base – optional purchase. for fitting over ballast block frame, 101 x 101cm, H 12cm, water ballast 75kg.
Ballast Block Frame

Lynden Regis