Shade Umbrellas

At Shelta Australia, we offer the best shade solutions to make your outdoor area beautiful and comfortable. We design umbrellas that will protect you and last for years in the harsh Australian climate. Shelta is the most trusted brand in shade with 4 stunning ranges of cantilever and centrepost umbrellas.

The Cantilever Range features a variety of sizes and models including AstaRegis, Loral, Lynden, Savannah and Pandanus.

The Premium Aluminium Centrepost Range includes the ever-popular Vigo Elite, Fairview, Fairlight, Coolum, Rio and Harbord styles.

The Terrazzo Range consists of classic timber market umbrellas, such as Verona, Samarkand, Portofino and Padua.

The Courtyard Range features the affordable Seville, Palermo and Como timber market umbrellas.

For 2017, we are very pleased to introduce 2 models of LED umbrellas, the cantilever Windemere and the centrepost Lumina. The Wall Mount hybrid wall mounted umbrella and exclusive Lotus centrepost umbrella round out this year’s new additions.


5 Year
  • Sunbrella Solution Dyed Acrylic
3 Year
  • O’bravia Solution Dyed Canvas
2 Year
  • These frames: San Remo, Terrazzo Range, Vigo Elite
1 Year
  • These frames: Loral, Regis, Pandanus, Lynden, Savannah, Courtyard Range, Fairlight, Fairview, Harbord, Rio, Coolum.
  • All Beach Products
  • All Olefin fabrics

Shade UPF Factors

UPF 50+
(over 98% UV protection)
O’bravia™ UPF 50+
(98% UV protection)
Olefins UPF 20 to 30
(95% to 96% UV protection)
Polyesters UPF 15 to 20
(93% to 95% UV protection)
Textmesh 90 to 93%
UV protection

As part of our commitment to sun protection, Shelta Australia takes care to select highest quality, dense weave fabrics that look beautiful and protect your loved ones. Our fabrics have been tested and rated for UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) by accredited Australian laboratory ARPANSA, using AS/NZS4399. On high UV days an umbrella provides protection from direct sunlight, but there is significant reflected UV light from sources such as water and sand. We recommend the use of protective clothing and sunscreen while enjoying the great outdoors.


Shelta umbrellas are not permanent shade structures and must be lowered when unattended or in windy conditions. Excessive wind puts great stress on the frame, which can cause damage to the umbrella and danger to people. Shelta domestic umbrellas are not recommended for exposed environments such as high balconies or roof tops.

Please carefully follow the installation instructions provided with the umbrella; if in doubt, consult a qualified trades-person. Only use recommended Shelta bases or anchoring systems.


When not in use, close the umbrella and cover with a Shelta Easireach Cover. Before storing, make sure the umbrella is dry and keep in a dry, shaded location.

Fabrics may be treated with a fabric protector such as ‘Scotchguard’ for additional protection. Soiling can be minimised by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

To clean umbrella canopies, lightly brush the open umbrella with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water. Rinse thoroughly and leave the umbrella open until completely dry.

PLEASE NOTE: See individual product swing tickets for information about abuse, wind damage and normal wear and tear guarantee exclusions. Also product care, cleaning, service and return instructions.