Outdoor Furniture

Welcome to the Outdoor Furniture section of the Shelta Australia website. We are proud to present an extensive range that will compliment your indoor and outdoor living spaces. Here you will find the latest trends in outdoor furniture all backed by Shelta’s reputation for quality.

Wicker Settings features stunning sets such as Tuscany, Astrid, Gloucester, Aberdeen, Delaware, Victory, Ontario and Norfolk, all made with PE outdoor wicker rated to 2000 hours accelerated weathering.

Wicker Daybeds, Chaises and Chairs include popular items such as Margot, Heron, Zurich and Corinella, all of which can be mixed and matched with Shelta’s extensive range of tables and accessories.

New Aluminium Settings such as Honolulu, Solano, and Modena combine modern styling with highlights of natural wood and contemporary coloured cushions. 

Aluminium Chairs include stylish sling chairs such as Ainslie, Lina, Orbost and Leura.

Tables of all styles and sizes including new aluminium slat tables River, Grange and Armada, and new wood and concrete additions like Balu and Asato complete the range.


3 Year
  • All Aluminium frames – Structural
  • All Synthetic Wickers
2 Year
  • Naturalstone / Marmostone Tables
1 Year
  • Frame powder coating
  • Cushion olefin / Spun Poly fabrics
  • Textmesh Sling fabrics

Furniture UV Rating

Material Test Result
PE wicker SAE J1960 Grade 4 @ 2000 hrs
Sunbrella Acrylic SAE J1960 Grade 4 @ 1500 hrs
O’Bravia Polyester SAE J1960 Grade 4 @ 1000 hrs
Textmesh AATCC-16E Class 7 @ 160 afu
Olefin AS 2001.4.21 6 to 7 blue wool standard


Chairs. Please do not swing backwards on the rear legs; do not stand on the seat or arms of the chair.

Tables. Do not allow children to sit on glass top tables – breakage of glass is rare, but can result in injury.

Shelta glass tables are made of toughened (tempered) glass – this increases the glass strength dramatically and in case of breakage causes the glass to break into relatively safe granules. However cutting and abrasion to hands or feet is still likely if care is not taken.

If you wish to move the table, please lift rather than drag – dragging can cause stress and possible breakage of the glass.

When mounting umbrellas in table holes ensure the umbrella is anchored with the appropriate size Shelta steel, concrete or granite base. Umbrellas must not be left open when unattended or in windy conditions. In heavy wind even closed umbrellas should be removed from the table.


All outdoor furniture will deteriorate if exposed to sunlight for long periods. A little extra care will allow you to get the best performance from your Shelta furniture and umbrellas.

Wicker chairs and tables should be sprayed with a plastic protector such as Armorall every 6 months.

When not in use, we recommend that you cover chairs and tables with a Shelta Protective Cover. If possible, store your furniture in a dry, shaded location.

Aluminium tables and chair frames should be hosed regularly with fresh water to remove dust, salt and contaminants. Avoid contact with water from swimming pools as salt and chlorine can cause corrosion of metal components.

Textmesh slings and synthetic wicker can be washed with a mixture of mild detergent and warm water using a soft brush; then rinse thoroughly and allow to dry. Olefin cushions can be gently hand washed using detergent and warm water; then rinse and allow to dry. Soiling can be minimised by simply brushing off dirt before it becomes embedded in the fabric, wiping up spills as soon as they occur or spot cleaning soon after stains occur.

Teak components will naturally weather to a silver grey colour, unless treated with a suitable furniture oil. Fabrics may be treated with a fabric protector such as Scotchguard. Textmesh slings and synthetic wicker may be protected by application of plastic conditioners such as Armorall®.

PLEASE NOTE: See individual product swing tickets for information about abuse, wind damage and normal wear and tear guarantee exclusions. Also product care, cleaning, service and return instructions.