Turkish Grey Naturalstone

Shelta Tables

Cerastone Tables

Ceramic Tile Top / Aluminium Frame

Cerastone tables natural beauty, functionality and durability continue the success story that was it’s predecessor; the Marmostone table.

The Cerastone construction is similar to Naturalstone, the structural core being perforated galvanised steel sheet bolted to a square aluminium tube frame both resined (+ fibreglass) into the table top – just like Naturalstone. The round section aluminium tube legs (bolted to the underside of the square tube) is unchanged from Marmostone. Tile gaps are grout filled, just like Marmostone.

Charcoal / Natural

Charcoal Natural

Available in 4 sizes;
165x90cm, Round 120cm, Square 90cm & Round 72cm

Cream / Natural

Cream Natural

Available in 4 sizes;
165x90cm, Round 120cm, Square 90cm & Round 72cm

Grey Granite

Grey Granite

Available in 1 size;
Rectangular 165 x 90cm

Cerastone tables come in these combinations of design and size.

Available sizes Charcoal/Natural Cream/Natural Grey Granite
Round 72cm  
Square 90cm  
Round 120cm  
Rectangular 165 x 90cm

Naturalstone Tables

Naturalstone is a 9mm layer of natural Granite or Travertine stone quarried in Spain, Iran, or Italy, bonded (using sophisticated adhesives) to a tough fibreglass and resin core. There is also an aluminium ‘moulded in’ frame to give even greater strength and stability and for attaching the black powder coated aluminium legs.

Naturalstone table tops are not a man-made homogeneous product and are infinitely variable. Being stone they have natural grains, fissures and stratas, all of which confer to the table its natural character and beauty.

Turkish Grey Naturalstone

Turkish Grey Naturalstone

Available in Rectangular 220 x 110cm size only