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Protective Cover

These add years to the life of outdoor furniture. Made of tough waterproof polyester canvas, they not only protect from effects of UV on your furniture but also keep it clean. Velcro ties hold the cover snug in around the base of the chairs, even in strong winds. The product is packed in a see-through hang pack with an illustrated header.

Colour: Beige

Available in the following sizes: (sold 5 per box)

PCRC183 to fit a 7 piece setting, with 6 chairs pushed into a 180 – 190cm rectangle table.

PCRC.218 to fit a 9 piece setting, with 8 chairs pushed into a 210 – 220cm rectangle table.

PCSQ.152 to fit a 9 piece setting, with 8 chairs pushed into a 150 – 160cm square table.

PCRC.218W to fit an 11 piece setting, with 10 chairs pushed into a 218 x 152cm rectangle table.

PCALC.CHAISE to fit all chaise lounges.

PCALC.CASDIN to fit 6 / 7 piece casual dining settings.

Touch Up Paint for outdoor furniture available in black, charcoal, sandstone and silver.